You feel that?

That’s what it feels like to be stress free. That’s what I’m feeling right now.

I found out I was pregnant just 10 days past ovulation. That made me roughly 3.2 weeks pregnant. Not even 4 weeks yet. From that point until the point when the awesome Perinatologist told me to “go have my homebirth”, I was completely stressing. What lay ahead for me? Was I going to be on blood thinners again? Would I have to give shots once a day or twice a day? What hospital would I have to be out? What if I wanted a home birth. Heck, I wasn’t even sure that this pregnancy would stick. I’ve had 3 miscarriages before. So far I’ve had: Live birth, early miscarriage, live birth, early miscarriage, live birth, early miscarriage.. which would this be??

I’ve made it to 14 weeks. I’m excited. I'm with a midwife. I’m hopeful. I’m relaxed. I’m not stressed, and it feels SO GOOD. I can actually worry about normal preggo things now. I can think about baby clothes, birth supplies, and if I remember my prenatal vitamins this morning. God is good. This is going to be awesome.


13 Weeks: Midwife Appt


I had my first "official" midwife appt today with my new provider. I was beyond excited.

Appt time rolls around and I sped my way there. Most of it was medical history. Making sure everything that was pertinent to this pregnancy was covered. Also went over the plan for care. It was a blissful 90 min appointment. Towards the end she checked my belly, blood pressure, heart rate, babies heart rate and all that fun stuff.

I really love that each appointment is so long. We get to really know each other. Then by the time the birth rolls around - she's more like a friend, or in some cases a sister. Someone that when they say "This is serious.. " you know they aren't fooling around or lying to you. I honestly couldn't say that about the doctor I had with my daughter.

Even the midwife reading my medical records commented about how aggressive the doctors treated me during my daughters pregnancy. It was pretty insane.

I also love the fact that this midwife has an online... hmm I don't know WHAT it's called. But it's a secure website that holds progress notes, to-do lists by trimester.. I find that part especially cool! For instance under 35-36 Weeks on the To Do list it has "Home Visit" and everything planned to either do or talk over with you. Like "Newborn Screening Info, GBS Swab, PP Instructions, How to reach MW, When to call in labor."

It's exciting to look forward and see what's coming up during what time frame. She also gave me her office, cell and pager numbers, as well as how to contact the back up midwife just in case.

This webpage also has the forms I filled out, a place for future test results, important files (like the PDF of the Perinatologists consult) etc. So there is never a moment where I can't go look and have full access to all the information in my chart. It's also nice to have it available to show the ER if for whatever reason I had to rush to the hospital. Makes things very convenient!

She's also, by my request, is more than happy to go by the ORIGINAL due date that I came up with. Instead of going by ultrasound I had at 8 weeks. I know what day I ovulated/conceived. Not like it’s a huge back track. Just a few days really. So I'm back to 13 weeks. Which I'm more than happy with. Although I assume I'll go a week or so early anyway.

Everything is looking good!


Bye Bye 3

Hello 4!
I’m expecting y’all!
One of these days I’ll get back into the swing of blogging. Homeschooling is going well. We’re moving this year with the Navy. More than likely the Niece will be going to school back at her home since it will no longer be free. We knew this would probably happen so it’s not really a surprise.

I’m excited for baby #4 though. The possibility that we were done was definitely there. We’d been talking about it back and forth for several months before coming to the conclusion that one more would be nice.
It didn't take long either thankfully! Hubby comes home and within the week we’re expecting. I was so happy I cried sitting there on the toilet lid staring at the blaring positive sign on the pee stick. I’ll admit, I was worried maybe something was the matter. Think about it.. My last baby is now 3. Hubby and I haven’t really been using any protection since she was born. So going 3yrs and not getting pregnant certainly made me wonder and fret.
12 weeks 12 Weeks
Well now that I’m preggo, it brought to mind another question. If you recall, I had a blood clot in my last pregnancy. No thrombophilia issues, nothing wrong in my body that would have caused it. BUT due to my history of a fluke blood clot… I felt that I needed to go to a high risk OB for a consult for this pregnancy. I went though a local OB for a referral to "Dr L". All the while, my hope was that I could skip the hospital and give birth at home a 3rd time. Well, Dr L was very sweet, kind etc.. but was definitely adamant against home birth.

She gave me two options for prenatal care this time around in light of my history. Option 1) A once daily shot of Lovenox. Option 2) Twice daily (like I did with my daughter’s pregnancy WITH the clots).
I'm currently clot free and would prefer to do something that would be LOW risk. Blood thinners is NOT a low risk option and I'm certainly not going to do a home birth while actively on Lovenox.
I wanted a 2nd opinion. I mentioned taking a baby aspirin a day and Dr L said "That doesn't prevent clots in the veins.. just the arteries." I call BS on that one.

I had a homebirth midwife in mind, and had a consult with her. She knows my entire history. She agreed to sign off on a homebirth with me if the high risk consult says “Okay”. She gave me the name of a Perinatologist that she refers her clients to when they risk out. She highly recommended him. He is from the UK, is familiar with home births, and his wife is a midwife. Needless to say this guy sounds pretty awesome. After having my first high risk appointment and being sorely disappointed, I most certainly DID want a 2nd opinion. I resigned myself to thinking, “Okay, if this home birth friendly guy says ‘No’ then I’ll just concede to another hospital birth.”

Wednesday I had my appt with my 2nd opinion. I can not STRESS how important it is to make sure you are able to work with your care providers. I could tell from the first provider that she wasn't really listening to me. Nor was she really making an effort to treat me on an individual basis as opposed to generalized "blood clot history" basis.
I'm so so glad I got a 2nd opinion. It made the difference between a high risk and low risk birth option. Which is huge. I printed out several different studies and articles.


Are just a couple of the studies/articles I printed out. The last one being written by the doctor I had with my last pregnancy in which he states:
If a woman does not have an identified thrombophilia, and her prior clotting event occurred because of a temporary risk factor, the risk of a repeat clot in pregnancy is low. In this case, only postpartum anticoagulation (with low molecular weight heparin, heparin or warfarin) is recommended.  It is less clear whether or not anticoagulation is needed in women who have a thrombophilia without a prior history of a blood clot. Options during pregnancy might include being alert to signs and symptoms of DVT/PE, using prophylactic support hose or compression stockings, treatment with anticoagulants only during the six weeks after pregnancy
That’s me… no identified thrombophilia, temporary risk factor… What I’m wanting is only post partum anticoagulation and everything I’m finding online suggests that I can have that!
I basically walked in armed to argue if I needed to (because I was so anxious), and I didn't even need it!! This doctor is beyond awesome.

Just to back up a little, his whole office is so sweet and friendly. The RN who took my history thanked ME for being kind and said what a pleasure it was to talk with me. I'm nothing special you guys, THAT'S just called awesome bedside manners!
The ultrasound tech gave me no less than 9 pictures. I beamed when he handed the long strip of pictures to me. He said "Well... such a beautiful baby needs MORE than just one picture to take home!" Bedside manners. This doctor could have given me the opposite news I wanted and I’d still be leaving that office pleased with how I was treated.
After my history consult with the RN, and the ultrasound, then the doctor came in. He sat down and pulled his chair up to mine. Meanwhile, I’m still laid back in the ultrasound room. He leaned on the ultrasound table, looked me in the eyes and we had a conversation. He was nice. He was relaxed. I’ve encountered arrogant uptight doctors before, and while that doesn’t mean they aren’t knowledgeable, it certainly doesn’t make for a good visit. He listened to what I wanted for this birth before he even went into my history and what we should do for this pregnancy. I have encountered a handful of doctors who are like this. Is it really all that hard?? One can give harsh news and NOT be a jerk.
He confirmed my particular situation, which was obvious, prior clot - no thrombophilia, and I'm pregnant again. Then he explained the CURRENT recommendations of standard of care regarding blood thinners for people such as myself who had a fluke incident.
His recommendation, going by 2012 standards, is that I in fact do NOT need blood thinners and that he sees no reason why I can't have another home birth.
Let me point out this awesomeness real quick... A *high risk doctor* said "Go have your home birth!" and he wasn't being sarcastic.
Not only that he has my future midwife's information immediately forwarded her his consult notes. He also was miffed that the prior Perinatologist suggested that I would NEED blood thinners. His comment was that she was going off of old data. Which I found interesting, because even that quote from above is from 2008. He then emailed me the current data to have on hand! ALSO... *He wants me to take a baby aspirin a day until a couple of weeks before my due date*
BAHAHAHAHA I knew what the first Dr had said was BS!

I broke down and cried right there in his office. I am so, so happy. Oh also, he asked me if we found out the gender with this scan. I said no and he asked if we wanted to. I said "HECK YA!" We found out with Baby girl at 13 weeks (around the time of the clot issue) that she was a girl.

I'm having a BOY! I wrote hubby and told him. Sucks he's out to sea right now. Hoping he finds out quickly. Never sure when he'll get the email on the boat.
Baby girl is going to be the most protected teenage girl. Having 3 brothers and all. hah! She's NEVER going to date. muwahahaha. My eldest was a little disappointed. He had mentioned more than once that he wanted a girl. He'll get over it eventually. I'm so excited.

I mean it... if you don't like something a Dr says, or it sounds not quite right… Get a 2nd opinion!! It's YOUR HEALTH on the line.


Week 1


Tomorrow is my niece’s first week of school. Roan has finished his first full week. We had a struggle here and there just trying to get into the swing of things. I noticed towards the end of the week that he started sailing through his assignments just as he did last year.

This past two weeks have been stressful in their own right. Getting curriculum together, assignments prepared, starting school for Roan and seeing my parents head home all took it’s toll mentally. I finished the preparative work for my niece’s class and that’s all that matters. Now for the next 6 weeks I can look to my planner for the next days work.  It took time to put together, but it pays off in the end.

I did not used to be a very organized person. It was nice in “theory” but practically, I just couldn’t seem to make it happen. Homeschooling has more than forced the issue. I’m glad for it. Although now I need to reign in the constant feeling of the need to be in control. Hah!

This past week, I’ve also been carefully considering what exactly I wanted/needed to teach my niece for our Bible study. I do have a “scripture a day” sort of thing, but I wanted to teach the value of it. I didn’t want to just hand out a scripture and that be the end of it. It’s so obviously NOT just the “end of it.” There is truth in scripture and I wanted to help teach the context and value within it.

Our pastor co-authored a book called Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe


I’ve read it once myself. Recently I learned that I could get from church a student handbook that goes along with it as a class guide. Ah-ha moment.

Amazon description

Doctrine is the word Christians use to define the truth-claims revealed in Holy Scripture. Of course there is a multitude of churches, church networks, and denominations, each with their own doctrinal statement with many points of disagreement. But while Christians disagree on a number of doctrines, there are key elements that cannot be denied by anyone claiming to be a follower of Jesus.

In Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe, Driscoll and Breshears teach thirteen of these key elements. This meaty yet readable overview of basic doctrine will help Christians clarify and articulate their beliefs in accordance with the Bible.

What better way to start off a year of Bible study than that! I can’t wait to dive into this book with her tomorrow! Chapter 1: God IS!


Excuse me


…for my absence. Now that summer has slowed down, I can breathe again. It was *wonderful* to have my entire family under one roof. My parent’s RV was parked in our driveway. We played cards literally every night. We went camping and hiking which I love to do. Campfires, smores, family time. I am for sure filled to the brim with all the family time I’ve been missing out on. Overflowing!Today the last of my family headed back home.

We’ve started school for Roan. However, since my niece was enrolled late she has yet to receive the rest of her books. That hasn’t stopped us. She’s a brilliant student and is very ready to begin her school year. She’s determined to do well, and hoping she can graduate high school early, which is impressive if you ask me. We sat down last night and put together her school schedule. This is everything that she’d like to do, at the times that she’d like to do them.  


Needless to say, I’m impressed with her drive. Spanish, Geometry, and BYU English are all online programs that she can do on her own. Hence why she wants to get up super early to get it done. Not only that, but this will allow me to work with Roan while she works on her own. Of course, I’m free if she needs any help whatsoever. If at any point something isn’t working out.. she can dial it back or try something else. Either way, I’m super proud of her.

Not only that, but she plans on trying to do two math lessons at a time in order to get through it quicker and move on to another math credit she’ll need in order to graduate. *I* was *NOT* like this in high school!

I’m really excited for her. Praying this school year goes well!


Patience is a virtue!


The words ring in my head with my mothers voice. Patience, I don’t lack it.. but I do have a problem remembering to use it. Especially when I’m excited.

Having my niece here is such a blessing. She’s smart, thoughtful, caring and loves her little cousins. She has so much love to give and she doesn’t hold back. She’s also like any other teenage girl: rampant with emotions she’s learning to control.

Since she’s been here she has set up the tent with the kids and camped in the front yard. The next day they moved it to the back porch and camped there a couple of nights. She’s organized them to make breakfast for me in bed. I have never had that done and it was such a special treat for me.

The patience for me comes in two parts. The first is that I struggle with things being out of a routine. We don’t have a strict routine for our house, but for my son’s sake we do have a “this is how we do it…” kind of routine. Any little thing that rocks the boat can set him off. With that being said, the first couple of weeks were certainly rocky. There were lots of tantrums and hand flapping moments from my eldest that don’t usually happen. We’re getting back into the swing of things now that she’s here and learning the flow of things. The kids too are learning their eldest cousin’s rhythm. Now she’s been her a few weeks, her rambunctious teenage behavior isn’t throwing them off as much. 

I’m also having to excitedly….patiently… wait for my brother and his wife to email the necessary documents to fully enroll her in the home school program. They did finally send me the guardianship form which was needed for me to sign her up under my name/address. So I was able to forge ahead without them (but with permission obviously) so to speak and sign paperwork as her guardian. I finished most all of the rest of the needed documents in one day. I’m still waiting on immunization records that are needed.

I get so excited that I immediately finish any and all documents needed in a timely manner. Granted that I work within the home, and they have outside jobs which limit the time they have to do things. I understand this. I do. However, the more time this takes, the more we have to wait on her school books to arrive.

So patience it is…


Just the beginning…


I’m really impressed right now with the home school program we’re using. Since my niece has moved in with us this past week, we’ve been looking through the online curriculum. I’ve really enjoyed looking at all the choices for her first high school year. We hadn’t picked out anything yet as we wanted to speak with the academic advisor.

Our state has this process down pat apparently. Her academic advisor called today, so she and I sat down at the table with him on speaker phone. We went through every curriculum option and what would be expected of her this upcoming first semester. One thing in specific that I liked is the option she chose for English. It’s outsourced to BYU for grading and essay correcting. English/Language Arts is NOT my strong suit and I really didn’t want to fail her on that front. So I feel more comfortable knowing that she’ll have all her essays graded by a BYU teacher.

Couldn’t help but tell the world about how awesome this process is for home schooling high school students in our state!

Also, last summer I discovered My Well Planned Day. I immediately fell in love with it. I’m not very good at organization at all. I literally need a step by step guide. Even if you *are* an organized person, I think you’d love Well Planned Day.


Well Planned Day planners have been a hit in the home school world since they came to market. With space to track four students, plan meals, prepare for holidays, and more, the Well Planned Day planner is great for homeschooling parents everywhere. If you prefer to download a PDF version and customize your planner, that option is available as well. Want to help your students develop their own organizational skills? Well Planned Day has student planners for elementary through high school students.

It also has sections for shopping lists, bills to pay, tasks to do, a Bible verse/chapter each day to read… and so much more. Well NOW they have software they’re coming out with.  It’s not downloaded onto your computer but rather all online with options for Apps and off-line use. I’m SO excited. Love love love it.